Leave your inhibitions behind because this novella contains group sex, voyerism and a host of other erotic elements. The reader is plunged straight into the hedonistic delights on the first page, which can make one wonder if maybe a bit of foreplay would have been nice. Nevertheless, the five men involved in this six-way ménage are strong and sexy without being domineering. However, with so many bodies in the bed (and in pool and on the ground) it is impossible to keep everyone straight. This story is very hot but may leave some readers wishing for more emphasis on the romance between Kate and Mike.

Kate has been lusting after Mike all summer long while she watches him and his construction crew renovate her neighbor's house. Kate has a hard time keeping her hands to herself but she has adopted a strict hands-off policy because Mike is not the only man she wants. Kate has fantasies of one hot night where she would take on the entire construction crew — all five men at once. When Mike realizes Kate's desire for both him and his men, he is able to accommodate her in a way that will satisfy everyone. (Samhain, February 2010, dl. $2.50)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne