Image of Katie Opens Her Heart (Emma Raber's Daughter)


Image of Katie Opens Her Heart (Emma Raber's Daughter)

Emma slowly begins to realize how her guilt and shame about the past affect the person she loves most, her daughter Katie. Katie’s faith in God never wavers as she tries to understand her mother while resenting the limits on her social life; her mother can’t keep her to herself forever no matter how hard she tries. Eicher spins a gentle and honest tale of family bonds that strain to loosen — as they must when children move into adulthood.

Katie is a lonely teenager left out of her Amish community’s youth activities because of her widowed mother’s reputation as a recluse. To her mother Emma’s chagrin, Katie turns to her Mennonite friends for fellowship, while encouraging her mother to accept the romantic attentions of handsome widower Jesse, who falls in love with the independent Emma in spite of her refusals. (HARVEST HOUSE, Feb., 352 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kerry Sutherland