Image of Katie's Journey to Love (Emma Raber's Daughter)


Image of Katie's Journey to Love (Emma Raber's Daughter)

Katie’s struggle to find her place in her new family, and in the community, is believable in Eicher’s series second, and her emotions are an unpredictable ride of adolescence to which we can all relate. Ben, fleshed out in this book as he was not in the first, brings an intriguing dimension to Katie’s walk toward a life of her own.

Katie and her mother adjust to life as stepdaughter and wife to Jesse Mast while his daughter Mabel does all she can to make life miserable for them. While Katie is happy her mother has found a loving husband, she feels like an outsider in her new home. Katie’s crush on Ben flowers into a surprise romance that worries her mother, and her insistence on spending time with her Mennonite friends concerns Jesse as well. A trip to Europe offers her a chance to learn more about her Amish faith and exercise independence for the first time. (HARVEST HOUSE, Apr., 304 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kerry Sutherland