Image of Katrakis's Sweet Prize (#2980)


Image of Katrakis's Sweet Prize (#2980)
KATRAKIS’S SWEET PRIZE (3) by Caitlin Crews: Tristanne Barbery’s brother has ordered her to seduce an internationally famous billionaire in order to secure the Barbery family fortune. Not realizing that Nikos Katrakis has sworn revenge on the Barberys, Tristanne becomes Nikos’ mistress. When Nikos offers her a “promotion” by asking her to marry him, Tristanne is ecstatic. She doesn’t know he plans on abandoning her at the altar as a final act of revenge on her family — or is it? Nikos holds onto his revenge plan for so long that readers may not warm to him, but Tristanne is an endearing, memorable heroine.
Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes