For years Arc Keegan has nurtured hate and dreamed of the day he would avenge his stepfather's murder. He returns to No Name, Colorado, a wealthy man ready to fulfill his vow, but his enemy is dead.

Caitlin O'Shannessy is not sorry her father is dead. When he drank, he was an abusive, horrible man and despite of that, Caitlin has become a strong young woman ready to manage the ranch, defend her brother and despise all men.

Arc schemes to ruin Caitlin's reputation, and she is branded "Keegan's whore." To make retribution, Arc proposes a marriage of convenience and Caitlin agrees. But after years of pain at the hands of a man, fear, distrust and vulnerability have developed, so the fiery-haired Caitlin is not ready for love.

With patience and a tenderness he never knew he possessed, Arc woos his reluctant bride, teaching her to trust first in herself and then in him. As Caitlin's shattered heart and inner soul begin to heal, there are other obstacles to overcome, but the love that grows enables Caitlin to face a new future unafraid and with an open heart.

KEEGAN'S LADY is a story of stunning beauty and great power. Catherine Anderson has gift for imbuing her characters with dignity, compassion courage and strength that inspire readers. The power of KEEGAN'S LADY and the lessons within this glorious romance, will live on in your heart forever. SENSUAL (July, 410 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin