Image of Keeper of the Flame (Dragon Knights (Samhain))


Image of Keeper of the Flame (Dragon Knights (Samhain))

After six books in the Dragon Knights series readers might think they have seen it all in this world of fantasy and dragons. They are wrong! Because in this, the seventh book, readers get to know Hugh — a great character. Hugh is strong, brave, sexy and very sweet. The book’s heroine, Lera, has a spiritual side that makes her interesting and a bit mysterious. Learning about the land of Helios is a delight. The pages come alive as new characters and creatures are revealed. This book has the perfect amount of action, heat and heart. Readers will fall in love with Hugh, Lera and Miss, the baby gryphon that brings them together.

Half-dragon prince Hugh has been sent to Helios as a spy but his mission changes when he finds an abandoned baby gryphon. Things really start to heat up when he meets the lady who comes to collect the baby. She is Valeria, Queen of Helios and Keeper of the Flame. It is her duty to care for the unwanted gryphons. Hugh is not about to hand over the baby to just anyone. He needs to make sure that she will be taken care of first. When assassins try to kill Lera in front of Hugh, he knows that he now has two people depending on him. Together they must figure out who is behind the deadly betrayal and how to keep each other safe. (SAMHAIN, Mar., 273 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak