With its focus on family, survival and love, Storm's story will touch hearts. This book is at its finest when it centers on Claire, Trevor and their family rather than on the stereotypical villains. Adeptly set in a simpler time, the story touches on true meaning of "wealth" as Claire and Trevor fall in love.

Widow Claire Holcomb is raising her five children and struggling to survive. Down to her last dollars and being harassed by the bank, she is desperate to keep her family together.

But she has no plans of letting rich Trevor Wilkins be her savior. Having relied on men too often in the past, she wants to go it alone. But her son is enamored of Trevor and his attempts to ease her burdens. And Trevor isn't discouraged, even when Claire leaves town to avoid her growing feelings for a man so far out of her reach. (, dl $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Wethern