This stand-alone thriller, O'Shaughnessy's first full-length foray outside of the world of Nina Reilly, is breathtaking. The action is nonstop and, with an unreliable narrator as one of the main characters, the story takes on an eerie feel. The mysteries blend together seamlessly, all the while taking the reader on a ride of different emotions. Kat, one of the main characters, is endearing -- perhaps because of her many flaws -- and she easily commands attention with her sassy wit. It was definitely worth it for O'Shaughnessy to step out of her comfortable series world for this book.

Troubled architect Ray Jackson has been having issues with his job and his marriage. But things get really complicated when his wife, Leigh, disappears, and the police believe he might have done something to her. Then Leigh's estranged best friend, Kat, shows up looking for her, not sure what could have happened. Ray begins a dangerous journey as he looks for his wife, as well as for answers to his peculiar past, that could lead him to face irreversible consequences. (Delacorte, Nov., 336 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer