Image of Keeper of the King's Secrets


Image of Keeper of the King's Secrets

Continuing from where In a Treacherous Court left off, Diener brings artist Susanna Horenbout and her betrothed, John Parker, back to solve a mystery surrounding the court. Clean prose complements the suspense and draws readers deep into the thriller. With its many twists and turns, feminist heroine, sweet love story and atmosphere this is a strong novel focused equally on history and mystery.

After an encounter with an old family friend leaves Susanna fearful for her life, she and John are made aware of a plot to assassinate Henry VIII. A gift from Henry’s sister, Mary, the jeweled Mirror of Naples, lies at the center of the scheme. Once part of France’s crown jewels, the French king wants it back. When the king is captured by the English, the deal to return the mirror is forfeited. However, French agents in England are not ready to give up. The Duke of Norfolk sees this as a means to rid himself of a rival at court. He would even wage war to win this battle. It is Susanna and John who must locate the mirror and stay out of Norfolk’s hands to help Henry determine friends from enemies. (GALLERY, Apr., 320 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin