One of the Regency genres most remarkable new voices confirms her marvelous talent with another exquisitely different love story brimming with originality and magic.

Miss Diana Exeley did not plan to run away from her engagement party. But she did want some peace and quiet. So when a couple approached as she stood in quiet contemplation on the boat dock, her decision to slip into an attached rowboat to avoid the lovers was mostly a matter of desiring privacy.

Little did she expect to hear her brand new fianci proclaim his love to another lady. So when the boat slips its mooring and sends her floating down the Thames to be rescued by Lady Hamishs mysterious keeper of the swans, it is no wonder that she does not want to go back. Feigning amnesia, she convinces the reclusive Romulus Perrin to provide her refuge at least for a while.

Now begins a time of enchantment as the gentle Romulus introduces her to the lyric beauty of nature. And it is through his tender care of the swans that she knows she has met the one man she will ever love.

But will the outer world let their love flourish? Ms. Butler elevates the Regency romance onto a new plane of excellence, painting unforgettable word-pictures that will touch your soul. (Sep., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer