Marzec continues to deliver thought-provoking inspirational romances.
This suspenseful tale of betrayal and murder lead both the hero and the heroine to examine their spiritual
lives. The emotions are on mark in
this compelling read.

Evie really has loved only one man, and he never forgave her for a past sin. When Bryce shows up on her doorstep with a badge, ordering her to put down the gun she is holding on her husband, she has no time to tell him the facts before he hauls her in for questioning. When her brutal husband goes missing and his body turns up mutilated, Evie is Bryce's prime suspect.

Bryce loves Evie but he cannot condone the crime he believes she has committed. No matter how much he wants to love her, he has a duty to uphold the law. He continues to ignore the emotional and physical urges Evie incites, and when his suspect becomes the hunted, he does all he can to keep her alive and well until he finds the real killer. (Earthling, Sep., 264 pp., $15.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith