Tyrell Ramsey has the perfect plan to save his failing record company: become a contestant on a new singles reality TV show that promises a booty of $250,000. But when he meets the show's producer, Natasha Ward, he finds himself more attracted to her than the show's participants.

But with her career riding on the potential success of the show, Natasha can't afford to engage in a relationship with Tyrell—though the heat of an exotic island and the magnetic pull of romance are tempting.

If not for Tyrell's voice, Keepin' It Real would read more like chick lit than romance. But the Caribbean setting creates the ambience necessary for a romantic encounter between Ty and Natasha. Unfortunately, Esdaile takes her sweet time before actually beginning the "show," which may make readers impatient.

This novel's concept is fresh and inventive, though, which helps to gloss over some of the story's minor flaws. Natasha and Tyrell, along with the secondary characters, make this book an entertaining read. (May, 319 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton