Image of Keeping Score


Image of Keeping Score

The Brooklyn Monarchs return, and the focus is on Warrick “Rick” Evans. When a reader gets so invested that she wants to pimp-slap characters in a book, the author has done her job. The writing is clever and funny, and the rooting interest for the lead couple is high.

Rick is one playoff round away from realizing his dream of an NBA championship ring. But the question becomes, at what cost? His marriage to Dr. Marilyn Devry-Evans is falling apart, and he’s at a loss to explain it or fix it. Marilyn is unable to handle the constant glare of publicity surrounding her husband — that’s not what she signed up for. She’s a dedicated OB-GYN, and her love for Rick is not an issue. Having grown up as the daughter of a wealthy couple, she knows how destructive the media spotlight can be, but she’s determined to find a way to save her marriage, even with off-the-wall characters interrupting their lives. Rick is equally determined to succeed, and readers will love the depth of emotions that this couple shares with us. (DAFINA, Jul., 368 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins