Captain Nick Crawford, USMC, receives two letters and several computer diskettes from a storage company his sister-in-law Marie had used before her death. He discovers she'd been on the verge of exposing a politician as a rapist and a murderer. From the grave, she's asking him to finish her work. He delivers the second letter, unprepared for the sexy bounty hunter who affects him like hundred-proof gin!

Jade Houston feels Marie betrayed her trust and wants nothing to do with Nick or his quest, but fate decrees otherwise. She resents the chemistry that sizzles between them, but is powerless against its force. She falls in love with Nick, but learns too late that he won't commit to a relationship.

Though he loves Jade, Nick is going to leave when his job is done, fearing that the part he played in Marie's death will destroy Jade's feelings for him.

KEEPING SECRETS is a fast-paced novel with strong emotion, unexpected humor and the stamp of Ms. Green's entertaining style. (Mar., 233 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson