Cheyenne Roberts rushes home to be by her dying grandfathers bedside only to discover that her grandfather is as hale and hearty as the Montana ranch he owns! His real plan was to marry her off to a neighbor rancher who, in Cheys opinion, was old even by her standards. Besides, her heart always has and always will belong to Jackson Kincaid. Deciding to stave off anymore ill-fated matchmaking attempts, Cheyenne approaches Jackson and declares her intentions: shes going to marry him and he has one year to get used to the idea. To her surprise, Jackson agrees with one stipulation-they continue to see others during that year. Cheyenne scents victory and demurely accepts.

Jackson has loved Cheyenne almost as long as hes known her. He cant believe she returns his love, but he cant bring himself to turn down her sassy proposal. He just wants Chey to be sure she really knows what shes doing. Never in a million years, could he have known that Chey would be the one woman to teach him how to truly enjoy life, how to truly love. FOR KEEPS is the latest literary sensation from veteran author Janice Sims, who has proven beyond a doubt that she not only has the talent for writing romance, but also the gift for creating unforgettable, incomparable characters. (Sep., 284 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson