On a dark night 17 years ago, Francis Leary and his teen-age son Quinn fled the town of Keepsake, Connecticut, just ahead of the police. With no alibi and the town crying out for vengeance, Francis knew he would be arrested for the murder of teenager Alison Bennett.

Following his fathers death, Quinn Leary returns to the town to pursue justice. Quinn knows his father did not commit the murder and is determined to prove it. He encounters hostility from most people there. An exception is Olivia Bennett, a one-time classmate and rival for their schools academic honors.

The relationship between Quinn and Olivia is complicated by the fact that Alison was Olivias cousin. Quinns investigation is stirring up anger among the Bennetts. And someone is leaving chilling messages warning Quinn and Olivia to lay off the investigation.

Ms. Stockenberg does a stellar job breathing life into this absorbing story that probes deep into the painful heart of a small community. KEEPSAKE is a keeper! (May, 384pp.,$6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith