Image of Keepsake: A Novel


Image of Keepsake: A Novel

With two sisters at the center of her latest novel, Riggle explores the intricate web of thoughts and emotions that shape our actions and make us into the people we are. Written with a sharpness of insight and laced with tender language, this story is sure to tug hard at the heartstrings.

Trish’s world is turned on its ear when an injury to her son caused by the mess of things inside her home brings Child Protective Services to her door with an ultimatum: She has to make her home liveable or risk having her son taken away from her. She gets help from her estranged sister, Mary, who is completely opposite her in her neatness and the last person Trish wants involved. Yet as these sisters work together, years of buried pain and secrets are uncovered and each begins to see beneath the surface of the other. (MORROW, Jul., 352 pp, $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates