Image of Kept: A Coveted Novel


Image of Kept: A Coveted Novel

This welcome return of the South Tom’s River pack proves to be another rollicking adventure for Nat, with all manner of creatures following her. The dialogue between Nat and her partner on the journey is so delicious, the fact that it takes a while to accomplish the mission behind their road trip doesn’t matter. With Madison at the wheel, it’s a fun drive.

Just as Nat has started training for trials to re-enter her werewolf pack, her father suddenly goes missing. It looks like it’s time for a road trip! With former lover Thorn at her side, they travel to Atlantic City to begin their search. Following the customs from their Russian home, there is also a “moon debt” that must be repaid. Tasked with delivering mystery cargo, Nat has all kinds of creatures coming after her. Still to be resolved is her relationship with Thorn, while current sweetie Nick waits in the background. (BALLANTINE, Dec., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins