This sassy murder mystery is told in first-person narrative. The secondary characters are used efficiently to provide comic relief, background history and growth in the relationships. Financial and political details bog down the story in several places and may be confusing to readers who
do not have a background in those areas. Still, Sturman does an excellent
job of misguiding readers until the final revelation.

It's no secret that VP financial adviser Rachel hates her boss enough to joke about wanting him dead. But when he actually dies, who really killed him and why is a mystery -- one that Rachel, a likely suspect, intends to unravel. With the help of her college roommates and new live-in boyfriend, Peter, she embarks on her own investigation, uncovering a scheme that extends well beyond murder. (Red Dress Ink, Dec., 296 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen