Image of Key to Forever (Draycott Abbey Novels)


Image of Key to Forever (Draycott Abbey Novels)

All his life, Alexei Cameron has fought against his English blood. Though half Estavian Gypsy, Alex is also a British Earl. The Camerons have a long, turbulent history that dates back to the famed Cameron Sword, which was lost in a battle to save Mary, Queen of Scots. The ancient weapon is both treasured and cursed. For centuries the sword has remained hidden, protected by the ghost of Draycott Abbey, but the time draws near for it to be released once again.

Ancient weaponry expert Joanna Russell is scheduled to give a realistic demonstration of fighting techniques during a lavish party, when she recognizes Alex as the man she'd had a brief affair with five years earlier. Horrified, Joanna loses her concentration and invites the very thing she wanted to avoid-Alex's attention.

Five years ago, Joanna worked for Jacques St. Cyr, Alex's greatest rival and enemy. Now she has struck out on her own. Alex, however, believes that her reappearance is somehow tied to the theft of the Cameron Sword replica that Alex himself created.

When Jacques is viciously attacked and rendered comatose, Jacques' attorney gives Alex and Joanna clues to aid in their search for the sword. They are not, however, the only parties searching for the legendary weapon. Others are not above kidnapping and murder to achieve their ends. To find the sword and break the curse, Joanna and Alex must face evil and death unflinchingly. Can their love and honor protect them?

It is time for another remarkable example of high voltage suspense and dangerous passion from a master of the paranormal realm, Christina Skye. Fans, you won't be disappointed! (Mar., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith