Image of Key of Light


Image of Key of Light

On the verge of getting fired from her job, Malory Price is just off-balance enough to accept a bizarre invitation to a reception at the remote mansion at Warrior's Peak. When Mal arrives she is met by two handsome individuals, Rowena and Pitte. Mal is also introduced to fellow guests Dana Steele and Zoe McCourt.

Once the group is gathered, Rowena and Pitte tell them a fantastical tale of gods, goddesses, magic and three imprisoned young women. The Daughters of Glass have waited an eternity for the three mortal women who can release them from their prison. Mal, Dana and Zoe are offered a proposition: locate the three missing mystical keys and they will each receive a million dollars.

After accepting the challenge, the trio begins gathering information. Dana calls on her brother Flynn Hennessy for some help. To Flynn this is just a great way to get close to the highly attractive Mal. However, everyone undergoes an attitude change once they realize that Rowena and Pitte's tale is true and that lives hang in the balance. There is also the small matter of the evil Kane, who will stop at nothing to prevent Mal, Dana and Zoe from succeeding.

The incomparable Roberts presents the Key series, an exciting supernatural trilogy that will chronicle the quest to recover the long-missing mystical keys. First up is the story of Mal, who must utilize her knowledge of art and beauty to uncover her key. (Nov., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith