Back to Lake Eden and The Cookie Jar with Fluke's charming heroine. Hannah Swenson fans are going to love this whimsical and delightful entry -- not
to mention the many original dessert recipes. Fluke has it all -- wit, spice and a gloriously twisted plot.

Bake-shop owner Hannah is busy whipping up tasties for the Chamber of Commerce booth at the fair. She's also judging the baking contest. As if that weren't enough, Hannah is still being courted by two men -- dentist Norman Rhodes and detective Mike Kingston -- as she tries to figure out what's wrong with her feline friend Moishe, who's avoiding his food dish.

But there's more. Hannah discovers the body of student teacher and co-judge Willa Sunquist next to the key lime pie and tries to figure out who would have wanted her dead. Was it the student Willa flunked, the man she had suddenly begun dating, the college professor she almost married or the wayward brother of a disqualified beauty contestant? Soon Hannah is outrunning a killer on the fairway and hoping that this baking competition isn't her last. (Kensington, Mar., 344 pp., $22.00)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper