Image of Keys to the Castle


Image of Keys to the Castle

Keys to the Castle is set against the charming backdrop of an ancient, romantic castle in France. Grieving, aristocratic Sara Graves and power lawyer Ash Lindeman are strong, independent characters, yet stubborn in matters of love and romance. Flirtations are few and far between if at all existent and the novel conveys utter seriousness. Contemporary issues such as estate matters, paternity and single motherhood are covered extensively, with the developing relationship between the middle-aged Sara and Ash more of an afterthought.

Sara Graves has just lost her new husband, a French poet, in an unfortunate accident. She is in the midst of grieving when she is called to France to settle his estate. Little does Sara know that far from being the penniless artist she thought he was, her late husband was the heir to Chateau Rondelais, a beautiful, centuries-old castle in need of many repairs that Sara cannot afford. Now not only must Sara decide what to do with the castle and her life, but she also finds herself falling for Ash Lindeman, her husband’s best friend from childhood and the lawyer handling the estate. In the meantime, unexpected surprises from her late husband’s life keep turning up, and Sara must decide whether or not to follow her heart’s desire. (BERKLEY, Jan., 336 pp., $14.00)
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Sarah Eisenbraun