Gagnon’s fourth novel is arguably her best yet. The rapid-fire pace, detailed characterization and terrific action scenes will engage anyone looking for the perfect book to read on an airplane or in an easy chair. The return of Kelly Jones and crew can’t come fast enough.

When the leader of an organization that helps rescue kidnapping victims is taken hostage himself, the team sent to retrieve him also ends up captive. Kelly Jones, recovering from losing part of her leg, forces herself to join her fiancé Jake on the new effort to recover everyone, even though she really isn’t ready to get back to work. Jake has a compelling reason for the mission: one of the hostages is his brother. Kelly wants to help Jake, but she has an ulterior motive. The man who’s responsible for her condition is presumed dead, but he’s still alive and hiding out near the hostages. A rescue with a side dish of revenge is just what Kelly needs to feel better. (MIRA, Nov., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers