In May Harlequin merges the Love and Laughter line with Silhouette Yours Truly into Duet, a new series of two full length novels published together in one volume.

In the second volume, Jacqueline Diamond brings a smile to your face with KIDNAPPED? (4.5). Love comes unexpectedly when a Mafia hitman assigned to do away with a beautiful writer ends up abducting her for her own protection instead. Cleverly weaving a mad, fun premise, Ms. Diamond creates an unexpectedly endearing tale brimming with wonderful humor and original plot twists and turns, with more than one surprise in store for lucky readers.

Bonnie Tucker provides the accompanying romance called I GOT YOU, BABE (3). After getting kicked out of eight prestigious universities in six years for blowing up their labs, a lovely woman returns home and gets involved in a scheme to resolve the estrangement between her father and the father of the man she has loved for years. Ms. Tucker delivers a tender love story featuring appealing characters.

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short