Arranged marriages are difficult. The characters are attracted to each other and know that they’re supposed to get married, but only share a single kiss? The reasons keeping them apart are flimsy and make it difficult to connect with the story. The unrealistic subplot about Cat's sister goes too far, and the characters’ expectations of marriage are unbelievable. The first sex scene is awkward and uncomfortable to read. However this reviewer was relieved that the hero doesn’t actually kidnap the heroine, he breaks into her bedroom and convinces her to go with him

Rafael Renaldi and Catalina Campioni have been engaged since they were children, an arranged marriage set up by their parents. The attraction has always been there, and Rafe knows that Catalina will make the perfect wife. After witnessing the destruction of her parents’ marriage, and listening to her sister tell her all about Rafael's playboy ways, Cat tries to end the engagement. Rafael thinks that all he need is some time alone with his fiancée to convince her that their marriage really can work. So he breaks into her room and convinces her to go an adventure with him. Will their adventure show them that they belong together — or will their time together finally prove that they were never meant to be? (SAMHAIN, Oct., e-book, dl $4.50) 

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