Image of Kids on the Doorstep


Image of Kids on the Doorstep

KIDS ON THE DOORSTEP (4) by Kimberly Van Meter: Rancher John Murphy agrees to help out his neighbor Gladys, who's saddled with her three young great-nieces, dropped on her doorstep by their father. When Renee Dolling, their mother, shows up, claiming that her husband ran off with the girls while she was in rehab, John's isn't sure if she's a mother who abandoned her children or one who simply made a mistake. When John gets temporary custody, Renee must prove she's a fit parent. In Van Meter's well-written, emotional story, Renee's angst over losing her children is understandable, as is John's anger. John is particularly likable. The author obviously knows there's almost nothing more attractive than a man who loves children!

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay