Olivia St. Martin's life was traumatized by the kidnapping and murder of her sister, Missy, when they were children. Olivia testified against the man she believed snatched Missy, but now, 34 years later, DNA evidence suggests he was innocent.

Devastated, Olivia vows to use her knowledge and skill as director of the FBI's trace evidence lab to find the true killer. She uncovers more than two dozen cases with eerie similarities and flies to Seattle to give her findings to the detective in charge of the newest investigation.

Homicide detective Zack Travis believes that this child killer is not finished, so he's receptive to Olivia's findings. But she doesn't tell him about her close association with the first case. Olivia knows she's skating on thin ice, but if keeping a secret can catch this killer, she'll accept the consequences.

Guilt and justice vie for dominance in this emotionally complex and terrifying thriller. The protagonists are human and fallible, which makes their dangerous journey highly suspenseful. After just three books, Brennan has carved out a place for herself in the suspense genre. (Mar., 416 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith