The author, a former trial lawyer, is bitingly satirical in his characterizations of judges and attorneys. Levine's barbs sometimes make the reader smirk or laugh out loud, and his characters are priceless. From Steve's father, a former judge who resigned before being forced out, to his bodybuilding secretary to his nephew Billy, Steve is a poster boy for dysfunction. But when a life is on the line, he comes through. In Steve's world love and family trump everything else.

Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord are an odd couple. After meeting in the courtroom, where Steve's client won over Victoria's, the two attorneys fell in love. Steve argues with judges and collects contempt citations. Victoria is a lady and she never cuts corners -- ever. These two mismatched people are partners in their law firm and in life.

A former client, talk show host Dr. Bill, is out of jail. Dr. Bill was convicted of killing a patient with whom he was having an affair. Now he's using his show as a platform to harass Steve in various ways because he doesn't think he was scrupulous in his defense. But Steve believes that Dr. Bill is guilty of several murders. (DELL, Sep., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Lorraine Gelly