Image of Kill City Blues: A Sandman Slim Novel


Image of Kill City Blues: A Sandman Slim Novel

You’d think by Kadrey’s fifth Sandman Slim novel, fans might be getting tired of James Stark’s dark, biting humor and predilection for violence, but Kill City Blues proves that just isn’t possible. The lovable antihero shows tremendous growth, taking the time to care for those he cares about (even Kasabian!) and to do what’s right, even if it means breaking the laws of heaven and hell.

After reigning as Lucifer, James Stark, known as Sandman Slim in hell, is happy to be relieved of the responsibility. Now, Stark is on the hunt for the Qomrama — a holy weapon that, if ignited, could destroy the universe. Stark is sent on a wild-goose chase to Kill City, an abandoned mega-mall in Southern California inhabited by a variety of creatures, where, along with his friends, he must use his wit and his weapons to get what he wants. (HARPER VOYAGER, Aug., 400 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna