Image of Kill for Me


Image of Kill for Me

Following Scream for Me, Rose brings her twisted Vartanian trilogy to a gritty and thrilling conclusion. A page-turner from the get-go, this novel shows that palpable evil can wear an innocuous face. Without doubt, Rose is in the top echelon of suspense masters!

Guilt and self-hatred have kept Susannah Vartanian silent for years about the horrors she experienced. But when evidence of long- ago rapes surfaces, she faces the past. The evil that plagued Susannah years ago is a still-flourishing child-sex slavery ring that continues to kidnap its "merchandise."

When Susannah's FBI brother, Daniel, is severely wounded during a raid on a suspected compound, only one young girl makes it out. The others are either massacred or taken via an escape route. FBI agent Luke Papadopoulos has been attracted to his friend Daniel's sister for a while, but he knows the ghosts that haunt her are massive. Meanwhile, because of past events, hatred for Susannah is so rabid among the evil cabal that it will stop at nothing to destroy her. (GRAND CENTRAL, Feb., 415 pp., $16.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith