Image of Kill Me Again (Secrets of Shadow Falls)


Image of Kill Me Again (Secrets of Shadow Falls)

Amnesia, a gorgeous guy, a beautiful woman, murder, mayhem and past lives can make for a pretty routine storyline — unless it’s in the hands of a first-class writer like Shayne. She’s got a golden touch for this kind of plot. It’s action-adventure with wry wit, charm and a dose of rocketing suspense that will have readers speeding through pages to the stunning conclusion.

When two teenagers stumble across a wounded man in a deserted field, English professor Olivia Dupree’s life takes a dramatic and dangerous turn. Called to the hospital when her card turns up in the man’s pocket, Olivia wonders if the gorgeous amnesiac could actually be reclusive author Aaron Westhaven? If so, why would anyone want to kill him? Returning home, Olivia is attacked and called by a name she hasn’t heard in 16 years. She’s soon on the run from her past with a man who can’t remember who he is. The real question is: Who are “they” after — the woman she was or the man he is? (MIRA , Aug., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper