Image of Killer Charms (The Darling Detectives Trilogy)


Image of Killer Charms (The Darling Detectives Trilogy)

The last of the Darling siblings takes center stage in another exciting tale that elegantly combines humor, romantic suspense and a touch of the paranormal. The characters in this drama have hidden secrets and compelling motives that bring genuine surprises
to the story. Stillings really knows
how to tell a tale.

SFPD vice inspector Andie Darling is determined to move up the ranks, so when she's handed an undercover assignment to catch supposed psychic con man Logan Sinclair, she jumps at it. Logan is used to turning on his Scottish charm to tag his marks, but Andie proves an unexpected challenge. Still, Logan has a goal, and getting his hands on the necklace called the the Star of Avril is just the start of it.

Although Andie doesn't believe in ghosts, she is haunted by vivid dreams of a woman called Emma Harte. Logan insists that Emma was a real person and that Andie is connected to her. Death seems to be permeating this case, and the killer seems to be getting more reckless. (AVON, Sep., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith