Suzanne Hart has a knack for making scrumptious donuts and solving the small town’s share of murders. With the help of her friends and customers, Suzanne unravels clues while running a small business and balancing her love life. Blending humor and mystery, Beck has created a fun, lighthearted mystery series with characters who will keep readers coming back.

When Suzanne sells a box of iced crullers to Desmond Ray, she never imagines he is going to throw them at Gabby Williams’ used clothing store. Desmond is angry and insists Gabby is keeping money and a valuable diamond brooch that his aunt left in her coat when she sold it to Gabby. Gabby is adamant there was no jewelry or cash in the coat. Desmond starts to stalk Gabby and threaten Suzanne. When Desmond is shot dead, all fingers point to Gabby. Suzanne agrees to investigate for Gabby and she soon finds a whole lot of people who might have wanted Desmond dead. (MINOTAUR, Jan., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin