After her sleep research is turned into a deadly weapon, revenge becomes one of Dr. Sophie Dunston's prime motivators. Sophie created REM-4 to help people with night terrors, but Robert Sanborne perverted the research and has used it to program people as weapons.

Matt Royd, one of Sanborne's early experiments, is looking for deadly payback, and he'll do whatever is necessary to destroy Sanborne and REM-4. Royd's ruthlessness and Sophie's determination bring them together, but it's not a comfortable partnership. Sophie has one thing left she will die to protect -- her young son, Michael. And keeping him safe becomes even more complicated when Sanborne sends a programmed assassin after them. It will take help from friends on both sides of the law to bring down a corrupt empire.

The concept of forcibly programmed, zombie-like killers is truly chilling. Johansen has a talent for taking cutting-edge concepts and creating heart-stopping suspenses. Familiar faces from previous books up the potential collateral damage. This is stark, mind-blowing suspense! (Jun., 352 pp., $26.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith