Image of Killer Heat


Image of Killer Heat

With the third novel in the Department 6 Hired Gun series, Novak succeeds in bringing us a suspenseful story with an intriguing plot and two tough, compelling protagonists with a heavy dose of tension between them and a blazing hot Arizona desert setting.

Private investigator Francesca Moretti stumbles upon the body of the missing person she’s been searching for. Unfortunately, the police don’t quite believe her. When they arrive at the spot where Francesca saw the body, they find a mannequin instead. Things worsen when her case crosses with a murder investigation overseen by Jonah Young, an operative from the private security firm, Department 6. Jonah betrayed her years ago and she’s still holding a grudge. Can she overcome her bitterness and work with Jonah to find the killer? (MIRA, Oct., 443 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates