Image of Killer Instinct


Image of Killer Instinct

Green’s debut may be too graphic for some, but fans of Criminal Minds and Dexter will find this is right up their alley. With an engaging and complex main character and a plot twist you’ll never see coming, Green’s first novel is to die for.

Lane has always been fascinated with serial killers. Maybe it’s because her mom and stepdad work for the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. Perhaps it’s genetic — after all, her dad died before she was born, so she has no way of knowing what he was like. Of course, she could just be … creepy. All she knows is that something about murder calls to her. Eager to scratch her own “itch” and find her own identity, she takes up vigilantism and loves the thrill. When a serial killer comes to town, it becomes the perfect chance to study one up close — until he makes it personal. Suddenly her family is at risk — and Lane is certain she’s connected to the killer. (SIMON PULSE, May, 272 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9781481402859, HC, 17 & Up)
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Raven Haller