Image of Killer Secrets (Tempting SEALs)


Image of Killer Secrets (Tempting SEALs)

Two different forms of obsession drive the protagonists in Leigh's smoldering-hot new espionage tale. Scarred by events from their childhoods, the hero and heroine are driven by revenge and their incredible passion for each other. This chapter of Leigh's SEAL saga reverberates with deadly danger.

Hatred and vengeance have driven former SEAL Ian Fuentes deep undercover to destroy his father, drug kingpin Diego, and a dangerous terrorist named Sorrell. But to all appearances, Ian has gone rogue and is in league with his father. Operative Kira Porter, aka Chameleon, knows better, however. Ian and Kira have tantalized each other for years, and the dogged Kira refuses to back down when Ian orders her out of Aruba.

With the U.S. government, the cartel and terrorists all out for Ian's blood, someone needs to watch his back, and Kira figures that's her job. Treachery, double dealing and murder are all too common in Ian's "new life"; can he succeed in his quest without losing his soul? (ST. MARTIN'S, Mar., 370 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith