The FBI arrested Italian immigrant Amadeo Brandolini when World War II broke out and sent him to an internment camp with 10,000 other Italian-Americans where he supposedly committed suicide.

Sixty years later, the estate of Amadeo's son hires Mary DiNunzio, of Philadelphia's infamous Rosato and Associates, to sue for reparations. Mary unknowingly comes across a piece of information that puts her life in danger. Then Amadeo's original lawyer is murdered and Mary's office broken into and Amadeo's information stolen, which leaves Mary more determined to find the truth. Her journey takes her to the interment camp in Montana.

Adding spice to the mixture there's a sexy detective, Daniel Gomez, that Mary keeps striking sparks with (hopefully he'll turn up in future books as a love interest).

This is another sure blockbuster bestseller for Scottoline. This book has it all—mystery, suspense and thrills. The story is intellectually compelling, the suspense is tangible and the characters are larger than life and leap off of the pages. (Jun., 368 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short