Image of A Killer Stitch (A Knitting Mystery)


Image of A Killer Stitch (A Knitting Mystery)

Not a page-turner, but a pleasant afternoon read, this mystery is the fourth set around a cozy Colorado knitting shop. Sefton nicely integrates new readers into heroine Kelly Flynn's somewhat bipolar life, which is filled with knitting and the more than occasional murder. Sefton's deft pacing and witty dialogue should have readers eager to spend more time with Kelly and her friends.

It's Christmastime in Fort Connor, Colo., and Kelly and her fellow knitting aficionados are busily working on their gifts. Unfortunately, Kelly is forced to put her projects aside to solve the murder of local alpaca farmer -- and lothario -- Derek Cooper. As Kelly finds herself getting increasingly wrapped up in the case, secrets are unearthed that just might implicate someone very close to her. (BERKLEY prime crime, May, 272 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider