Image of Killer Summer (Walt Fleming)


Image of Killer Summer (Walt Fleming)

Pearson is back with another thriller set in seemingly serene Sun Valley, Idaho. His appealing protagonist struggles to juggle
a complicated family life with law enforcement. This time Sheriff Walt Fleming is up against a criminal mastermind trying to settle a score. As always, Pearson's taut plotting ensures plenty of twists and heart-pounding action.

While fishing with his teenage nephew Kevin, Walt notices a tow truck hauling a car where it shouldn't be and ends up foiling an attempt to steal three priceless bottles of wine. The exclusive wine auction they were slated for can proceed as planned, but Walt doesn't count on Kevin and the daughter of a Hollywood producer getting trapped in an elaborate web. He must put the pieces together and rescue Kevin before he becomes collateral damage. (PUTNAM, Jul., 384 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith