Image of Killer View (Walt Fleming)


Image of Killer View (Walt Fleming)

Biological terror is the frightening specter raised in master storyteller Pearson's nerve-racking new thriller. The story and the atmosphere of this winter-set drama are both chilling, and Pearson's spare style and intense pace keep the clock ticking as a sheriff tries to solve a case that encompasses murder, kidnapping and biohazards.

A search-and-rescue call leads Sun Valley, Idaho, Sheriff Walt Fleming and veterinarian brothers Mark and Randy Aker into snowy mountains. Events go tragically wrong when Randy is killed and Mark goes missing. Walt had sensed something was troubling Mark, a close friend, but he didn't get the opportunity to discover what it was.

Then Mark's assistant is kidnapped, drugged and tortured, all for information about some sheep. When the CDC turns up over a possible biohazard in a local company's bottling plant, Walt realizes that money and politics may be trying to suppress vital information about an even larger threat. (PUTNAM, Jul., 352 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith