Crystal Anderson is a knife-wielding vampire huntress from Texas shunned by her family for taking a job with the Army and not devoting her life specifically to her calling. She hasn't even made a kill in four years. Now, with the unwelcome attention of powerful vampire Nicolai, she is forced back into the line of battle. Lucky for her, fellow army officer and hunter Robert Parker is there to lend a hand…and a sword if need be.

If you like nothing more than a novel filled with action, then this is the vampire story for you. However, other than the perpetual action, the story is paint-by-numbers predictable in some spots and highly illogical in others. Spear never quite sets the ground rules for her world and thus her characters— and her readers—are often left scratching their heads.

Crystal has a good heart, but severely lacks in street smarts, jeopardizing herself on several occasions. Often she just chats with the vampires, eradicating all sense of urgency in her quest to stay alive. And, perhaps most inexplicably, knowing Robert's vendetta to kill the vampire who murdered his sister, Crystal steps in—without his asking—and, without an impressive amount of fanfare, saves the day. (dl $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg