Image of The Killing Edge


Image of The Killing Edge

Strong plotting, a yummy hero and a butt-kicking heroine make this a page-turner. It's sure to be enjoyed by those who love a good mystery laced with a touch of the procedural and paranormal.

Ten years ago, when she was a teen, Chloe Marin narrowly survived a massacre following a party. Now grown, psychologist Chloe is working as a police consultant and looking into the disappearance of a swimsuit model. Her investigation progresses slowly, until she encounters Luke Cane, a British P.I. A link to the cult responsible for the slaughter a decade ago develops, which doesn't surprise Chloe, as she's never been convinced all of the killers were caught. A second set of murders, her attraction to Luke and some ghostly visions all serve to test Chloe's resolve, but she's determined to pull all of the threads together. (MIRA, Apr., 416 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer