Image of Killing Fear (Prison Break, Book 1)


Image of Killing Fear (Prison Break, Book 1)

Brennan serves up a truly creepy new killer who
can feel only vicariously through the pain he inflicts on others. Fast becoming a master at delivering complex, layered plots and characters that erupt from the page, Brennan has created a roller-coaster ride of chills!

Seven years after dancer and club owner Robin McKenna helps to get brutal serial killer Theodore Glenn convicted, an earthquake in San Francisco severely damages San Quentin. Glenn escapes and plots to kill everyone who helped convict him, including Det. Will Hooper, whose brief relationship with Robin enrages Glenn. Glenn is obsessed with Robin and thrills to the pain each new murder causes her.

Even more disturbing, Glenn, who seems to be able to come and go at will, indicates that he didn't kill Anna, Robin's roommate. Will and Robin want to believe he did, but a second look at the evidence provides doubt. Is there a second killer? Can Will stop Glenn before his kill list gets to Robin? (BALLANTINE, Feb., 448 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith