Sergeant April Woo of the NYPD returns once again when her former boss, Lieutenant Bernardino, is murdered in Washington Square after his retirement party— and not long after he won millions in the lottery.

Leaving the festivities to search for Bernardino, April finds him dead and employs her martial arts skills as she encounters the murderer. Aided by Jack Devereaux, recent heir to a fortune from the father he never knew, April is lucky to escape with relatively minor injuries. April and her fiancé , Lieutenant Mike Sanchez, of the Homicide Task Force, leave no stone unturned as they inter-view the deceased lieutenant's son and daughter, looking for the killer.

When a young, wealthy widow is also murdered in Washington Square, April, Mike and their colleagues work feverishly to solve both killings, as the cases garner national media attention and the press bears down on the cops. As an added complication, the killer may believe that either April or Jack could make an ID, leaving both in danger.

April is an enigmatic character who has successfully blended the Chinese philosophies taught by her parents with the investigative skills she learned in the NYPD. April's mother, " Skinny,"still adheres to many of the old world customs, and April's respectful acceptance of her mother's dubious herbal cures adds some levity to the business of the murder.

Nobody writes crime mysteries quite like Leslie Glass, with her extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the NYPD. The pace is fast, the characters gritty and the intensity of the stories grabs the reader. (Jun., 368 pp., $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick