Image of The Killing Hands


Image of The Killing Hands

As always, Martin delivers a cleverly plotted and entertaining read, chockablock with fascinating procedural details and flashes of dark humor.

Called in by the LAPD on a homicide case, FBI profiler Sophie Anderson has a tough case ahead of her. The wound in the victim's throat is unusual. His flesh was torn, not slit by a knife or other tool. Forensic evidence is scarce, but Sophie soon concludes that the killer is a master of kung fu and the lethal skill known as ten killing hands.

Identifying the body raises more questions than it answers. Saito Jun has been flying under the radar for 15 years. Why has he suddenly reappeared and been murdered so violently? All Sophie knows for sure is that Saito had ties to an Asian criminal organization -- and there's more to the situation than meets the eye. (MIRA, Nov., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer