High-powered attorney Quinn Cortez is planning on celebrating his latest victory with a private party at an old lover's house. But when Quinn arrives, he discovers that Lulu Vanderley has been murdered. Knowing that he will be a suspect, Quinn quickly arranges for counsel and decides to hire famed P.I. Griffin Powell to uncover the truth.

Annabelle Vanderley has been running her family's fortune for years. Her cousin's murder is a horrible blow to her beloved uncle Louis, so she decides to seek justice by hiring Griffin. With both the prime suspect and the family wanting him, Griffin proposes they combine resources. When another of Quinn's exes is murdered, it looks like the killer is connected to him. Despite police insistence that Quinn is the top suspect, Annabelle's instincts tell her he's innocent. But if she gets involved with Quinn, will that place her in the killer's sights?

Barton continues her unbroken string of intense, eerie and flat-out exhilarating romantic thrillers. Best of all, readers get a bonus: There will be spin-off books featuring several fascinat-ing secondary characters. (Jul., 432 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith