Image of Killing Kate: A Novel


Image of Killing Kate: A Novel

This is the best book yet in the Riley Spartz series; it’s also the darkest. Kramer skillfully weaves several stories together in this fourth outing, with chapters from the serial killer’s POV interspersed with Riley’s first-person narration of events. The technique is so effective, you’ll want to warn Riley that the killer is nearby! As usual, there’s a nice amount of Midwestern lore and delicious insidery info about the TV news biz.

It’s a slow news day for Riley, until a woman is murdered in her home. Riley is horrified to discover the dead woman is her estranged friend Laura’s sister, Kate. A chalk outline in the shape of an angel is drawn around the body, and Riley traces it to a statue in an Iowa graveyard. But while she is tracking a possible serial killer, dealing with job and relationship stresses, a killer is tracking her. (ATRIA, Aug., 336 pp., $23.99)

Reviewed by: 
Liz French