Image of Killing Moon (The Moon Series, Book 1)


Image of Killing Moon (The Moon Series, Book 1)

Finding proof that Donald Arnott is a serial killer puts P.I. Ross Marshall in a difficult position. Since he's trespassing on private property, and his sense of smell is pretty much his only evidence, he'll have a hard time convincing the police to obtain a search warrant. That becomes the least of his worries when Arnott appears at the gravesite of his most recent crime and shoots Ross. However, Arnott's a little confused; he believes he's just shot at a very large wolf.

Dr. Megan Sheridan is a genetic researcher for Bio Gen Labs, which has received a request for genetic testing by a client who prefers Megan come to his home. When she arrives, she finds Ross wounded on the floor. Something about him connects with Megan, and she goes to unusual lengths to help him. Is Ross's lycanthropy truly a family curse, or are unusual genetics at work? Ross and Megan hope to find out— if Donald Arnott doesn't find them first.

Fan favorite Rebecca York (aka Ruth Glick) hits the bull's-eye with this thrilling paranormal tale. The first in a series, KILLING MOON sets up a highly intriguing premise and introduces riveting characters. (Jun., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith